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The next step in computer automation

The computer vision applications developed by SecTechField using computer vision have different applications like document image identification, identification of license plates, and monitoring the security of banks and stores.

Properties & Benefits



Optimize time in clssifying and veryfying images and documents.
It’s time to optimize your processes, resources, costs, and take a step forward into the digital world.

Proceso de imagenes


WEB Application

• Registration and sending of alerts via Email and/or Text message to users configured in the system
• Photografic record of both the ATM and the costumer
• Corrective actions made to solve the problem.
• Scaling of the problem according to the required levels.
• Registration in real-time.
• Statistics to identify most attacked zones and ATMs in different periods of time.
• Access from any device (Computer, Tablet, Cell Phone).




Decision making based on the information obtained from the analyzed images, thus speeding up processes and responses in an incredible way.

Process Image 4

Facial Recognition

People identification to provide greater security to transactions and accesses.

With this application you can integrate people identification through photos or directly using video cameras (even using your mobile camera).

Automatic Licence
Plate Recognition (ALPR)

The ALPR is one of the applications that SecTechField has developed. The system is trained to identify the plates from the different states of Mexico and can be integrated into systems such as, Access Control to mall parking, Access Control of Vehicles in Residential Complexes, Speed ​​Controls or automatic collection of tolls.

ATM Automatic Security Monitoring

Security system based on computer vision and machine learning that monitors an ATM in real-time

System functions:
• Monitoring through the video camera installed in the Cashier.
• Verification of alterations of the ATM as a whole (Installation of pieces or additional parts, attached modules that are not part of the original ATM).
• Verification of alterations in the main parts of the ATM (Reader, Keyboard, Monitor, Money Dispenser and Receipts Dispenser).